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At Motion Audio you will find the MOST EXPERIENCED, professional installers in the Orange, TX area! Since the 1980's, our installers have been constantly honing their skills and training to stay on top of new technologies. From radios and alarms to amps and full audio systems... Our installers are the best.... HANDS DOWN!

Check out a few of our installations.

6x9s in F Series Super Duty Door

Indash NAV in RV

Katzkin Leather Install

Tough Coutry Bumper on 2011 SD

OEM Style In Dash NAV

IN Dash Screen

Dodge Ram Leather

Fiberglass Enclosure

Katzkin in Mustang

Full Trunk

Scorpion Linings

We even do Emergency Vehicles

Orange Mill's rescue.

A Little GATOR in a set of seats!

MASSIVELY upgraded truck for my son.

Started as a BASE Ram ST Express

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